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Welcome to Portsmouth South Conservatives.

Alicia's plan for St Jude and Southsea

1. Clean up Palmerston Road

Save our Shops

Pigeons, rubbish, boarded-up shops... Palmerston Road is nearing the "point of no return". Action is needed NOW to save our high street... before it's too late.

2. Stop the Sewage

Save our Beaches

Your Conservatives are working with Southern Water to find a long-term solution to the sewage dumping problem, including investment in sewerage and pumping stations. Posturing is NOT enough.

3. Sort out parking once and for all

A city-wide permit scheme

Most of us would probably agree that parking is getting worse.

Conservative policy is that we need a CITY WIDE residents' parking permit scheme. The current system is bad for everyone.

4. Fight homelessness

Stop the begging

The Council must give proper support to homeless people and get the tents off the streets.

Homelessness is a blight and every homeless person a tragedy. We need to give homeless people the support they need, so they don't have to beg outside our shops.

And we must come down hard on fake beggers who pretend to be homeless in order to make a living. They are an insult to people who are struggling with real homelessness.

5. Create a pleasant night-time economy for EVERYONE

A safe and welcoming place for all

For many of us, especially women and older people, the southern part of Palmerston Road can be an uncomfortable place to walk at night. Bars encroach on the street and there is hardly room to walk. Let's have a hard look at this.

6. Sort out the Pyramids

What do we want?

A valuable community hub? An expensive white elephant? Let's decide exactly what we want and how much we are willing to pay for it. It should either be GREAT or GONE.