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French Power Cable to Disrupt City Roads

Plans have been drawn up to run a massive undersea power cable from France across the English Channel to surface in Portsmouth.

A private company’s proposals will see a massive cable run through Eastney and Milton, all the way to Lovedean.

There are good arguments why this is needed. The UK capacity to make electricity for homes and businesses is at breaking point and the venture could provide 5% of the UK’s needs.

However, the company, Aquind, wants to dig up several major roads including Bransbury Rd. Milton Rd. Velder Ave. junction, before running the cable the entire length of the Eastern Rd. Road works could start in 2019.

Local Conservatives have grave concerns this would have a major impact, causing traffic jams thoughout the city and loss of parking and pollution while the cable is buried.

We believe that before the Council gives any approval, residents and businesses should know how disruption will be minimised and how they will be compensated.

We also think the consultation process has been inadequate. We want the company to hold meaningful consultation in the city and along the entire route and to publish details how their plans might affect you.


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