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Council to honour Falklands veterans

The rare honour of the Freedom of the City has been granted to veterans of the Falklands conflict and their associated Service organisations after a unanimous vote of city councillors.

At its meeting on December 7, the council recorded its gratitude and appreciation to all sailors, Marines, soldiers, aircrew and nurses from all Services who went to the South Atlantic in April 1982 and, despite overwhelming numbers of Argentinian forces, achieved victory on June 14.

The citation added: “We honour all those men and women who served their country in this conflict, the 255 who gave their lives and those who were injured by awarding the Freedom of the City of Portsmouth to all Falkland’s Veterans.”

The Royal Naval Association, the Royal Marines Association and the Association of Wrens and Women of the Royal Naval Services will be similarly honoured.

Former Service personnel and representatives of the three associations will be invited to a presentation ceremony in 2022, hosted by the city council, to mark being granted Freedom of the city.

Other holders of the ‘Freedom’ title include round-the-world sailor Sir Alec Rose, who owned a greengrocer’s shop in Osborne Road, Southsea, Winston Churchill, the Prince of Wales, the Royal Navy and Portsmouth Football Club’s cup-winning team of 2008.


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