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Welcome to Portsmouth South Conservatives.

And they’re off! The Campaign has begun!

Aaaaand they’re off! Portsmouth South Conservatives local election campaign has started! May 3rd will soon be upon us, so if anyone has any spare time to help out it would be much appreciated. Please pop in or phone the Portsmouth South Conservative Office on 02392 827450, alternatively you can email [email protected]

“We face a touch electoral challenge. Local elections here in Portsmouth, are likely to be tough, with a resurgent Labour Party and the yellow peril most likely to target Eastney & Craneswater and St Judes. These are seats we must retain, while also winning in wards like Milton and St Thomas; Terry Henderson (St Thomas) is a very good candidate with a very good chance of winning but he will need our support and we will support him in any way we can. We have an excellent group of candidates and I would urge all members and supporters to do everything they can to ensure we retain control of our City. If we do not, the considerable work undertaken by our councillors’ to repair the damage caused to Portsmouth’s finances by the last administration will be undone. We will need help in delivering, canvassing and identifying poster sites so please speak to your local candidate even if you can only spare an hour or two your help will be most welcome.” Leo Ciccarone, Portsmouth South Conservative Chairman


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